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Don Graham Revival Ministries


The Face of Brokenness
Rev. Don Graham has written a book about Seeing the Brokenness of God in the Crucified Christ from Isaiah 53.

Don's comments on his book - Brokenness

"Ah, blessed Isaiah 53. How it has beckoned me over the years, burdened me, by its stunning revelations, yet always blessed me beyond description. Before its lofty mountain peaks I have stood awed by its powerful tug, and always learning with answers for my searching heart. The 53rd chapter of Isaiah has cast a long and delightful shadow over all my life. But God would not allow me to write this book until I had personally experienced what is the heart of this marvelous chapter - brokenness. I pray that God will be pleased to use this little volume to bring brokenness and a blessing to all who read it."

Forward by Junior Hill

In Rev. Junior Hill's forward to Don Graham's book Brokenness he states, "In this delightful volume, he has given us a beautiful and up close study of the face of Christ as it is unveiled in the fifty-second and fifty-third chapters of the book of Isaiah."

Brokenness is Necessary for Revival

Audio Sermon:Brokenness

Video Sermon Brokenness


Must see self:
"Woe is me" (Isaiah 6:5)
"all like sheep have gone astray" (Isa 53:6)
"all have sinned" (Rom 3:23)


Must see God:
"I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up" (Isa 6:1)


Must Confess sins:
"I am a man with unclean lips" (Isa 6:5)


Must receive Forgiveness:
"thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged" (Isa 6:7)