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International Ministry

Rev. Don Graham served Two years with the Foreign Mission Board San Jose, Costa Rica

Preached/held Revivals in:
Costa Rica
South Africa
Visited Israel

Shaping of Don Graham Revival Ministries

Don Graham Revival Ministries Clanton Alabama Don Graham's Ministry

Rev. Don Graham has fifty years in the ministry of proclaiming Christ to a lost and dieing world. Thirty five of those years was as a local pastor. Rev. Don Graham established Don Graham Revival Ministries and began full time itinerant revival Ministry July 1996. This was after his life had been shaped by the following organizations.

Don Graham was called to be a minister of the gospel of Christ at age 16, while still in high school. God then led Don to attend Samford University, then Howard College.

Samford University

Today Samford University is the largest privately supported and fully accredited institution for higher learning in Alabama. Founded by a group of educational, economic, and religious leaders, the school was chartered in 1841 and opened its doors on January 3, 1842

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Southern Seminary

After finishing his undergraduate work at Samford, Don attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary which has been an innovator in theological education since its founding in 1859 in Greenville, South Carolina as the first seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention and later moved to Lexington, KY.

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International Mission Board

The International Mission Board (formerly Foreign Mission Board) is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation's largest evangelical denomination, claiming more than 40,000 churches with nearly 16 million members.

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Life Action Ministries

After thirty five years as a local pastor Don joined Life Action Ministries. This ministry has influenced Don's ministry as much, if not more, than any of the organizations listed on this page.

Life Action Ministries is on a mission! We have a single-minded focus to see God glorified through a revival among His people, and this purpose has carried us for over three decades of working alongside the churches and clergy of our country. Today, Life Action Ministries is the largest revival ministry in North America

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Good Shepherd Ministries, Inc.

In 1973, Norman and Imogene Dixon felt the calling of the Holy Spirit to come to Haiti. They organized a group of five friends into a corporate body that would become the Board of Orphans, Inc. An orphanage was completed in Haiti in 1975. Before returning to the United States, the Dixon?s came upon hundreds of malnourished children, unable to go to school due to economic conditions in Haiti. It became evident that God intended to do much more than build an orphanage. Through the ensuing years churches and schools, staffed with Christian teachers, were built. The name of the corporation was then changed to Good Shepherd Ministries, Inc.

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God used the above organizations to shape a man that is 100% sold out to not only evangelize a lost world, but to call God?s people to revival. God has blessed Don's ministry and he is recognized by many to be one of Alabama's finest Revivalist/Evangelist.